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From Winter Coat to Cuddly Teddy Bear

Many years ago in Ohio a friend, Emma Hoover, gave my Mom a fur coat. It was a fake fur but a very good one. She was thrilled and wore it on good occasions. When Mom moved to FL she gave me the coat. I did not save it for good. I wore it all the time. Cold snowy winters meant it was worn a lot. When I moved to Florida a few years later I brought the coat with me. I do wear a winter coat but not this one. I have hauled it around for 35 years. As I am going through and getting rid of stuff I knew the coat would not get worn here but...I couldn't give it away. I remembered there was a women who made bears out of old fur coats. After several phone calls I was able to locate her. Pat Fairbanks, PRFect Pals took that coat and made two of the cutest bears. One for me and one for my sister

. Our bears even sport a green crochet collar to honor our Irish Mom. Now my little bear sits on my desk and is a daily reminder of my Mom. I know I got rid of one thing and got another but at lease this is much smaller that a full length fur coat.

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