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Getting gas in the days gone by

I hate to pump my own gas. Don't get me wrong. I am grateful to be able to do it, to have a car to drive, and to afford gas. But I hate to do it. I know when folks talk about the good old days I usually roll my eyes and say, "Get over it." But lately when I pump my gas there are annoying voices around me. Not people saying "Hi." It is a small screen on the pump with people screeching about sports, celebrity news, or telling me to go inside to buy a soda. I just want to pump gas and listen to the noise of the city. I love living in a city. But really, I want to sit in my car and have some guy (sorry ladies, it was usually men) come out, pump the gas, clean the windshield, check my oil and washer fluid and take my money. Will not happen again but it would be nice.

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