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You Don't Know What I Have Done

ISBN-13: 9781710300741

ou Don’t Know What I Have Done

Maggie Murphy, an eighty-five-year-old World War II Irish war bride, with a seemingly ordinary life, reveals clues to her daughter Lizzie of a shocking crime which has haunted her for years. Details of blood, terror and fleeing her homeland and family are revealed in frightened, disjointed outbursts. Knowing she has Alzheimer’s, Lizzie must determine if these delusional rants are a mixture of movies Maggie has seen, books she has read or the truth.

     The Alzheimer’s is disclosed to her children after the sudden death of their father. The horror of the disease is played out in the struggles of one woman to remember her past and run away from it.  How will the family deal with the illness and the secrets that are revealed?

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