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Fingers Crossed

Saturday is the big day. My novel, You Don't Know What I Have Done, is a finalist in the Florida Writers Association (FWA) Royal Palm Literary Awards competition for mainstream fiction. I spent over five years writing the book, over two years searching for a publisher, another five months doing a final edit with Editor, Mark Mathis, then sent it on for publication to publisher, Breaking Rules Publishing.

I wanted to enter the competition but was a bit nervous. After all, I am asking for some other writers to judge the book and therefor, judge me. I know when someone buys the book, reads it and likes it, there is a judgement. But this, this is different. I had submitted it when it was unpublished and made it to finalist. But unpublished meant I could still work on it. Published is out there for all to see and pick apart.

Now that judgement day is getting close, I was still a bit nervous. But then I told myself it is a good story. I'm a good writer. I am in good company. FWA is filled with lovely, talented people. I am thrilled to be a finalist. I will keep my thoughts positive and my fingers crossed.

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